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Roller Derby After 50, Jenn's Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

At 46 years old, Jenn made the bold decision to join the Arizona Roller Derby skate team. She quickly fell in love with the sport and has been skating ever since. That was seven years ago!

As an athlete most of her life, she was surprised by the unique culture of the contact sport. In her words:

“never have I experienced a culture where you can deliver hard hits and then welcome warm hugs and hi fives from the same people immediately afterwards”.

Roller Derby welcomes and encourages athletes of all body types, size, age, and stature.

Yet, it can be extremely demanding both physically and mentally. Many derby athletes discover training for competition can be demanding both on and off the track.

Jenn personally started with the mindset that derby would be a fun way to get some exercise. This was true, but she soon realized how important it is to exercise off the track to prepare to skate.

The best way for any athlete to improve at their sport is spending time doing that sport. Regular practice and competition provides the best exposure to developing the right muscles used and the right amount of endurance needed to be competitive.

Also important is for athletes to start a strength training program that compliments the sport's specific movement patterns.

In Jenn's case, we started her on a custom athletic strength training program. This type of specialized training targets the muscles and movement patterns used during competition, and all against resistance.

When done properly, this can increase explosive power, strength, speed, agility, improve mobility, and more.

When approaching 50 years old, Jenn decided to challenge herself again and try to play on a more competitive level (Nationals).

As the heavy weight on her team, she had a unique request. She needed to get lighter, but could not lose any of her strength.

As trainers, we know when people lose weight, they usually lose some muscle along with body fat. Athletic training, along with nutritional changes guided by our Nutritionist helped her lose 20 lbs, while increasing muscle mass and her overall strength substantially.

Eventually, Jenn worked towards making the Arizona Roller Derby National roster. She committed to pushing her mind and body further than she’d gone before and eventually realized her dream!

"Pro Push Fitness has been there from day one and pivotal in my journey….they came to practices and games so they could tailor my training needs - not just as an athlete, but specifically a skater." - Jenn

Commitment to her team, Athletic Strength Training, Nutrition, Stretch Therapy and Exercise Therapy are all components to Jenn's success. 

But the real key is her ability to push and believe in herself. She decides daily to defy the stereo type of a mom in her 50's. Rather than watching her kids play sports, she challenges them to stay at their best with her by their side!

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