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Nutrition, the Game Changer - Brandi's Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

My life has always revolved around competitive sports and physical fitness. Since I was young, I've thrived on pushing myself to the next level.

I still love a challenge to see what I am capable of. I've enjoyed being fit and love the process in earning it.

Simply stated, I love how it feels to work out and the results that can come.

This passion is something I carried into my forties. I've enjoy trying new things and usually up for anything. I have tried everything from step classes, to boot camps, city league sports, and long distance running. I have worked one on one with trainers and did group fitness. I like all of it.

But as I was turning 40, I also started noticing my physique was changing. I was not getting the same results or looking the way I used to.

As I considered things, it was then I first recognized nutrition was an area I never really got dialed in completely - especially to compliment or coincide with a personalized fitness program.

About a year later from that point, we had a family trauma. It was serious and took control of everything in our lives for a while. I had to focus on my family. I wanted and needed to concentrate on them for healing and learning. Both my body and my mind were not my own for more than two years.

After two years, it became apparent I needed to start taking care of myself again. I realized my family needed me to take care of myself.

In the past I had tried some group training classes at Pro Push Fitness. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I liked the people, and the conversations were always fun and upbeat. I liked that I felt comfortable to ask questions. I considered returning to group training, but felt I needed more at that point in my life.

I needed specific training for my body type and old injuries were bothering me. I had taken some necessary time off, so it was going to take my body some time to get back on track. I wanted to do it the right way.

Plus, I was still extremely interested in nutrition. I wanted to start understanding and then implement the nutrition side of fitness into my life.

I decided to go back to Pro Push, but this time train one on one through their personal training program. It was hard, I was pushed – but it was exactly what I needed and at the right pace. Every workout was built specifically for me and my physical focuses. They monitored my week-to-week progress and adjusted my workouts accordingly. I never had to think about plateaus or necessary change ups. They knew what I needed and when.

I had accepted the fact exercise alone was not going to get me what I wanted anymore. I had to marry exercise and nutrition.

As I followed my customized plan for both – the changes I saw were amazing!

I found a level of fitness I have not seen in years! I am in some of the best shape of my life. The workouts were absolutely dialed in for my body type. And boy did it respond! And learning how to properly eat and nourish my body had a synergistic effect even I underestimated.

Nutrition changed everything. I have leaned out in areas I used to consider "trouble spots". I am building muscle and increasing in strength. I am getting toned and sculpted in exciting ways. And.... I am not starving and finally know I do not need to be.

I am thankful they tracked my progress for me, including progress photos. That may seem like a small thing, but it is not. I am so thankful I have them to look back on and appreciate all the challenging work I have put in. It made a significant difference in moments I felt low or having a rough time.

I am back to feeling confident in my own skin again. It turns out being in your forties does not have to change the end results.

My training needed to be changed and I needed to eat differently, but I can still improve physically and love the results.

I am so thankful Pro Push had the expertise to guide me in both.

I genuinely love where I am in life – physically and emotionally.

Training at Pro Push has made such an impact in my life that it has now become a family affair. My daughter trains for sports performance while enjoying a collegiate volleyball scholarship. She also has Exercise Therapy sessions for a shoulder injury. My husband and son have also started personalized training programs – both making fantastic progress and quickly.

Pro Push has really been our happy place – but especially it is for me!

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