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We've helped hundreds of individuals meet and even exceed their fitness goals. Work one on one with an experienced, educated and dedicated fitness professional at Pro Push Fitness and experience the difference - experience results.

Every workout is built just for you, specifically in line with your goals.

Nutritional Coaching

Progress Assessment

Private Gym

$40 per Session / $60 per Session Couples

(Discounts available when training 3 or more times per week)

Gym Workout

Personal Training & Nutrition

Our Services

Personal Training
Couples Training
Exercise Therapy
Hybrid / Online Training
Sports Performance
Nutrition Coaching / Meal Plans
Semi-Private Group Training
Stretch Therapy / Ace Cupping

At Pro Push Fitness, we believe that personalized fitness plans are the key to achieving goals.


Our personal training and nutrition plans are designed specifically to meet your needs.


With our expert guidance and support, you can achieve your desired level of fitness and improve your health

and well-being in a sustainable and effective way.

By Appointment Only



  • Custom Exercise & Nutrition Program

  • Fitness Assessment

  • ​Nutrition Coaching

  • Monthly One on One 30 Minute Nutrition Consultation

  • One monthly 55 minute Stretch Therapy session included

  • Accountability

  • 24/7 Mental and Emotional Support

  • Guidance for non-training days

  • Weight, Pictures, Measurement & BF% Tracking

  • Monthly Progress Assessment

  • Lower Body Fat %

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass

  • Reprogram Metabolism

  • Regain Energy

  • Improve Overall Health

  • Build, Tone and Burn

  • Private Training Studio

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