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5 Tips from 70-Year-Old Ultra Marathon Runner to Stay Fit

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” - Anais Nin

Nutrition Is Essential, So Work With a Professional

  • Look at food as the fuel to live your life and do the things you want to do!

At 65 I had a partial knee resection. While I had anticipated a full recovery, I was surprised to find myself still struggling with long distance running a year after surgery.

I was training for a marathon and found myself exhausted around mile 14 during every run. The mechanics of my knee were fine, but I was fighting fatigue to finish.

I had a nagging suspicion I was not fueling properly for my age and the distances I wanted to run.

After some research and reading high reviews, I contacted Pro Push Fitness. Working with Pro Push's Personal Trainers and Nutritionist was the game changer I needed! Kristina's guidance was expert and my results then and over the last five years show that.

As expected, they confirmed nutrition was a considerable part of the issue. As I incorporated the strategies taught, I noticed a huge difference with my energy level right away.

In fact, it proved so effective it spurred me to take a Nutrition 101 course at MCCC to learn more.

I’m happy to say adhering to the plan they built for me helped me complete the marathon five years ago and accomplished many more exciting events since.

It’s important to look at your goals and decide if you are eating enough of the right foods to make them happen.

Consistency is Key

We must be consistent in our goals if we want to achieve them. Like the saying goes, “anything worth having isn’t obtained in a day”. And I am a firm believer that it is never too late to start an adventure.

For example, consistently strength training three to four times a week over the last five years has increased my strength and toned my body. Through proper guidance, I have been able to build muscle and experience real results, even at my age.

It has taken time, but I have learned to enjoy the journey.

Surprisingly, strength training also boosted my endurance performance and provided me with confidence to keep “raising the bar”.

So, no matter what your interests and goals are, consistently working to achieve them is how you reap

the rewards.

The work it takes to obtain a goal cannot be counterfeited. The endorphins alone are worth it! I can say confidently I am addicted to my new energy level. It has come directly from consistently strengthening my muscles through resistance training. 

Make Exercise Your Priority

Take care of yourself through nutrition and exercise. It's the foundation that prepares you for all the important tasks on your calendar. 

I know it is easy to fill up our day with worthy things. But that is why it is so important to stay healthy. Our best self is when we are fit and energized and ready to complete all the things in front of us.

I am as busy as anyone else. I am not short on commitments. I am an active member of my community with various volunteer efforts, ushering at local art theatres, and other obligations. However, these activities and appointments are scheduled after my strength or endurance training.

We are each responsible to take care of our own health. Even the busiest mom and dad are wise to stay active, healthy, and fit.

Mental and physical benefits received through exercise and wholesome foods cannot be replaced, substituted or conveniently given to us. It must be a consistent priority.

Replace Negative Chatter

Keep your mental space free of negative chatter. 

It really is simple. Only allow positive, confident messages to pass through and watch how much easier the rest falls into place.

I say things like, “it is only one hour out of my entire day” and “I always feel better after I exercise”.

Find friends who are positive and motivating. And then do your part to inspire and motivate them as well. Encourage yourself and those around you to do the best they can – always.

Over the last several years I have had the blessing of having my gym friends at Pro Push. A group of us meet four days a week at 11 AM to motivate each other. I have really enjoyed being around uplifting and positive trainers who push me and believe in me. It has made all the difference. So, step away from negative energy and people. Find your positive crowd and stay there.

Keep It Interesting

I recently came up on a monumental birthday. I turned 70. It was really bothering me. So, I decided it was time to adjust my sails and set some fun goals to keep things interesting. 

Pro Push has an infectious atmosphere of goal setting & tracking. I have to agree it's a great way to stay on track! Setting new goals helps change things up and have things to look forward to. As my birthday got closer (as a coping strategy), I created my own “trifecta” as a birthday gift and goal.

  1. Hike Mt Humphreys (DONE)

  2. Hike Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (DONE)

  3. Finish a 60K (previously only completed a 50k) - Scheduled for February 13, 2022, I do realize this is Super bowl weekend...sorry hubby!

It is normal to have ups and downs throughout life. No one gets away with never feeling depressed, discouraged, or dispirited. The difference is in the doing. When we hit those lows, we always have a choice to look outside of ourselves and lift. We can lift others; we can lift ourselves.

Think on things you have wanted to accomplish or experience in your life that you have not had the opportunity to do yet. Then, start actively working a plan to see it through. Recruit help from a personal trainer, Nutritionist, doctor, therapist, family or friend if necessary.

Life is short. We owe it to ourselves to seize the day and experience as much as possible! 

Pro Push Fitness has had the great pleasure to work with Jocelyn over the past five years. At 70 years old, she out paces most inside and out of the gym with her zest for life and unquenchable desire to live!

Since working with us, she has completed multiple marathons, an ultra-marathon in Death Valley, multiple Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hikes (including her last rim to rim to rim), and more.

I have come to realize if I am not her when I turn 70, I have failed at life. She is amazing! I personally admire her and know many who feel the same way.

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