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3 Reasons Custom Fitness Programs Work - Nita's Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

As an adult, I’ve always had a gym membership, but when I got to the gym, I never knew

what to do. Each gym promised they could help - but they gave the same 30 minute

workout plan to everyone. I never felt like I got what I needed.

I would do the same thing week after week - not knowing if I was focusing on the right areas or even using the machines properly.

In addition, I never had anyone to push me. This is the reason why I decided to research personal trainers to find the best fit for me.

I need accountability and a coach.

Over a year ago, my daughter had issues with her rotator cuff. We spent a lot of money at the chiropractor and physical therapy. Nothing seemed to help. A friend suggested she try a personal trainer who specializes in Exercise Therapy.

My daughter is big on reviews and when she went to find a trainer who specialized in rotator cuff’s in our area she found Pro Push Fitness. They had rave reviews so, my daughter made the call. As I also needed to work with a Personal Trainer, I too looked at Pro Push. That decision changed our lives.

STRUCTURE: A Fitness Plan Built Specific for My Needs

I’ve never been successful with toning/shaping my body the way I needed it, nor losing weight in certain areas. I wanted to change that.

When I had my first consultation, we discussed areas I wanted to focus. Additionally, Pro Push recommended other things that I needed to work on.

After assessing my body composition, current fitness level, activity level outside of the gym and goals, they built a specific exercise and nutrition plan just for me.

Having this type of structure was not only manageable for me to follow, it was effective! I can now say I’m toned and I lost the weight. Without a specific plan, I know I would not have been able to achieve my goals.

GUIDANCE DURING THE PROCESS: Be Willing to Make Some Sacrifices

Pro Push, helped me see that I was capable of accomplishing my goals, I just needed to make a few adjustments.

The obstacles I faced in the past where areas they had guided others through. This experience helped them know many solutions that work.

Sure, some felt like sacrifices in the beginning, but a path was built for me to take.

Being committed to working out is a lifestyle change for me. But the real sacrifice that I’ve made is going to the gym at the crack of dawn. If I wait until after work, I have every excuse why I need to work late or feel too exhausted. And what I call excuses could and will happen everyday. It stopped me from going to the gym in the past. Not anymore.

Another sacrifice I’ve had to make is eating differently. I’ve cut out fast food completely. I now meal prep at the beginning of the week to make sure of it. My grocery cart is full of fruits and veggies, replacing chips and cookies.

It seems obvious, but it was an adjustment. I am glad I did it though, and as I continue to look and feel better it no longer feels like a sacrifice.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Follow the Plan to Avoid Plateaus

Frequent progress assessments held me accountable. They implemented frequent weighed-ins to help me stay focused.

I noticed this was not done for everyone, which helped me see this was a strategy right for me, but not necessarily for others.

It helps to have a trainer who understands how to hold you accountable. Everyone motivates differently and has personal needs.

Following the plans built by my trainers and nutritionists helped me avoid plateaus. They created a fitness & diet plan customized just for me. When it seemed as though I’d plateaued, my plan changed.

They were in front of it - always. At times I even got workout assignments to do at home. This level of structure was something I never had experienced in health & fitness and kept me on track.

It's Worth It!

I lost my sister in 2020 to cancer. It is my belief that the foods we eat and lack of exercise can influence that.

Having such an event so close to the heart can really change life perspectives.

We all have emotional stress, anxieties, plus genetic factures. We are worth doing our part to combat those things.

I work in Corporate America. Yearly we have to get a wellness check for a discount on our insurance.

This is the first year my blood work came back normal in all areas. So my belief in food and exercise appears to be paying off.

Joining Pro Push has been one of the things I’ve gotten right in life. I feel better, my confidence is up and I owe it all to Pro Push.

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