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Hormone Imbalances & Weight Loss - Danny's Journey

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

After years of health issues wreaking havoc on my body, my goal was to get into the best shape of my life.

At the very least, I needed to reverse some of the damage the medical conditions caused. I wanted to simply feel better.

I started looking for a personal trainer near me and decided on trying group training at Pro Push Fitness.

One of those health issues was recovery from a recent triple hernia repair surgery. I really had to ease into exercise and needed guidance. I had never done any sort of formal fitness training consistently. I tried the big box gyms on and off in the past, but without much progress. So, I knew I needed exercise instruction and wanted it in a more private setting.

Just as I was gaining momentum at Pro Push, I had to pause my training to deal with another medical emergency - complete thyroidectomy. This took a toll on me, and it took a while for my thyroid levels to balance out.

Once cleared by my doctor, I returned to Pro Push. Post-surgery, I wasn’t getting any stronger or improving in stamina. I wasn’t building muscle for the work I was putting in or losing body fat.

I was fatigued constantly. I assumed my thyroid levels were off again. I decided to discussed my concerns with my trainer during my progress assessment.

After clarifying that my most recent labs reflected good thyroid levels, they had three recommendations:

  • Stop eating so much junk food and really stick to a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Go back to the doctor and get my other hormone levels checked, namely testosterone and estrogen (because of the areas I had concerns). They explained hormones play a key role in just about every function in the body and could have been affected by my thyroid.

  • Switch from group training to personal training to work one on one with a trainer and have completely customized workouts.

At first, I blew off the food advice. I would try to clean up my food here and there, but always cheated and always reverted to bad eating habits.

I wanted to eat ice cream every day - so that’s what I did! I didn’t really believe it was the cause of my non-existent progress.

I rationalized that because I was going to the gym and my thyroid levels were now normal – I should be able to eat ice cream.

They explained and even insisted I had to have a caloric deficit to lose body fat and eat enough protein to build muscle.

Even though I knew they were right in the moment, it would shift in my head when I went home.

Wanting results, but stubbornly holding onto my bad eating habits, I decided to investigate the hormone thing first.

I was shocked at how low my testosterone levels were, which then put my estrogen out of balance. And more frustrating, I got pushed around from doctor to doctor.

Each one of them recognized I had a problem but essentially concluded that my young age should be compensating for the low levels and should offset symptoms of low testosterone (even though I was clearly having them).

After an uphill battle, I finally found a doctor that understood what was happening and how to help me. I started a treatment plan and immediately felt a difference in my mood, energy, cognition and more!

Once my hormones were balanced, I felt a new lease on life and was ready to hit my fitness goals harder than ever.

It was then I switched from group fitness to personal training at Pro Push. I got to the gym at least four days week.

And.... I finally cleaned up my food, specifically cut out daily sugar! Plus, I started using a meal prepping service to make the healthy eating easier.

Pro Push Trainers had been right all along. These tweaks were the game changers I needed.

In seven months, I lost 47 pounds of body fat. I went from nearly 20% to 12.3% body fat. My strength has doubled in every exercise, my stamina is up, and I feel amazing – in and outside of the gym.

I’ve had to buy an entirely new wardrobe because I went down 4 pant sizes and a shirt size! I get compliments every day on how great I look - and honestly, I think it’s because I am carrying myself differently. I have better posture and more confidence. My body feels better, and my quality of life is back.

I am so thankful to be training at Pro Push. I wish I would have been committed 100% from the beginning or at least followed their guidance sooner.

I am so grateful for their coaching and patience while I worked through my personal journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Pro Push team!

And I’m proud of myself for not giving up! There was opportunity to quit my health and fitness goals, mentally and physically – but I hung in there and fought for myself.

That alone is a huge accomplishment worth celebrating.

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