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Corrective Exercise - Kylie's Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

You have probably heard of the many benefits of strength training - increased muscle mass, athletic power, better endurance, and so much more. It's been shown that there are even more ways that strength training positively impacts human health.

Have you ever considered the benefit of strength training for those with severe musculoskeletal disorders or imbalances? In a recent blog we looked at how therapeutic strength training improved mobility for a women with fibromyalgia. Here we will discuss corrective exercise and how it changed the life of a Pro Push client suffering from scoliosis.

Kylie Motley was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, a condition including abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, in February 2018. Incredibly young when she found out, Kylie was worried about the implications of her diagnosis. How could this affect her long term health, mobility, and daily comfort? How would she recover from the spinal fusion therapy that the doctors recommended? Kylie knew she would need to seek out professional help in order to exercise safely and effectively.

This brought Kylie to Pro Push Fitness to work with their Exercise Therapist in a private gym. She wanted to work with experienced trainers who were well versed in corrective exercises and therapies.

Kylie discovered that corrective exercise, a form of exercise that focuses on movement patterns, identifying overactive and underused muscle groups and compensations, was exactly the type of program she needed.

The physical strength improvements she gained helped her face many of the struggles brought on by her condition and allowed her to counteract many of the symptoms of her scoliosis, as well as to prepare for her highly reconstructive surgery. Not only did Kylie address the concerns of her chronic condition, she also built confidence in herself and her ability to exercise. Kylie commented about her experience at Pro Push saying:

When I first stepped into the Pro Push gym I felt so comfortable and knew I fit in! Kristina and her crew create fitness goals that anybody can achieve with a positive mindset. I never knew what I was capable of until joining Pro Push fitness. I absolutely love the trainers and support received from them.

Kylie learned to believe in herself and her body. After completing spinal fusion therapy and going through recovery, Kylie gained even more strength than before. Above is an image of Kylie's total transformation. Most, if not all of the imbalances caused by her scoliosis were corrected with the help of surgery and followed with corrective exercise.

These changes have absolutely changed her life and have opened up a whole new world of capabilities, inside and outside of the gym. Kylie is proof that strength training is not just about getting strong. It is also a tool for people with disabilities, chronic conditions, or other debilitating circumstances to overcome their obstacles.

Having professionals to guide Kylie allowed her to exercise safely and effectively. This was a crucial component of her recovery and could not have been accomplished without help.

At Pro Push, we are proud to have a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and an Exercise Therapist on our team.

That, in combination with our passion to help our clients be their best self, allows us to join people like Kylie on their journey to overcome obstacles even as big as scoliosis.

If you personally or someone you know has a chronic disease or illness that limits their mobility, consider reaching out to a certified strength training professional who specializes in these techniques.

Just as Kylie experienced, this type of therapy can change someone's life and help them be their most confident self.

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