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Beauty Trend Secrets from 3 Local Experts

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

As a wellness coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist, I spend most of my day talking to people about nutrition and exercise.

While these are important ways to take care of our health and fitness, they aren't the only things.

Another area of health and fitness (that is often taboo to speak on) is our outward appearance.

Getting dressed and ready for the day can have a powerful impact on how we feel. How we feel directly influences our daily habits, choices, thoughts, goals, and focus.

Embrace You!

Here, three local experts share trendy beauty tips to help unleash the ravishing superstar that you are! No need to wait for future physical goals to be achieved. We are beautiful and worthy of a little pampering right now.

Fashion, skin care, and hair care are areas that enhance our individual personalities and features, while opening opportunities to uniquely shine.

Fashion - Show Who You Are

Afton Porter, Fashion guru, lifestyle coach, and founder of Midlife Style Coach shared three simple fashion tips that you can start today - without spending a penny.

As a Life Coach, Afton understands that sometimes we have to see ourselves as we want to be, and treat ourselves as such.

#1. Dress How You Want to Feel

So many times we ask ourselves, “What do I feel like wearing today?”

Instead, ask yourself, “How do you want to feel?

This will help you pick clothes that are going to create the feelings needed for the day.

#2. Wear Your Best Colors

The colors that we wear can make us look younger, vibrant, brighten our eyes, and feel great.

Or they can make us look washed out, bring out our wrinkles and age spots. Taking advantage of the power of color can make a difference in how we look and feel.

#3. The Rule of 3

It’s common to throw on a shirt and pants and be done. But, if you want to take your outfit to the next level, follow the Rule of 3.

You wear your top and bottom but add a third element. A blazer, sweater, statement necklace or scarf to add an additional layer to your outfit.

Skin Care Tips - It's Time to Glow

Rachel Martinez, is a Nurse Practitioner for Derma Health and one of their many skin care experts.

I have worked personally with her and Vennessa (aestheticians) over the past year and have come to trust their advise and easily endorse these tips.

Top experts say a good home care routine will make or break your anti aging efforts, improve daily perkiness, and help with damage repair - even over more aggressive treatments.

These are three products Derma Health's feels are top recommendations you should add to your home regiment.

#1 Sunscreen (Mineral based: Zinc oxide base + titanium dioxide)

  • Provides anti-aging from the sun

  • Prevents skin cancer

  • Sits on surface of skin like a shield and last longer on skin than other products

  • Broad Spectrum for UVA & UVB rays / SPF 30 or more for daily wear

  • Reapply every 80 minutes when outside to prevent pigmentation and sun damage

#2 Retinol

  • Increases skin cell production

  • Helps Unclog pores

  • Exfoliates skin & increases collagen production

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines

  • Start with a low dose and increase slowly

3) Vitamin C (Gold Start)

  • Great daily starter

  • Fights early signs of sun damage

  • Fights free radicals and pre mature aging from pollutants

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines

  • Recommended for all ages 20+

Here you can find Derma Health's exclusive skin care line.

Healthy Hair! Shiny & Whimsical

Natalie Ballantyne, runs her own hair salon and has over a decade of experience working with all types of hair. When it comes to hair health, she knows.

Her tips are some that I have already put to the test. And yes!! All three did exactly what she said they would. I ran right out and purchased what I didn't already have, and was not disappointed. So now I share them with you.

#1 Moroccan Oil (Light)

  • You can put it in your hair when it's dry or before blow drying for added shine

  • Work the oil evenly through your hair

  • You don't need a lot of this product. It goes a long way to boost shine and health.

#2 Three Barrel Curling Iron

  • Fast and fun!

  • Easy to use without worrying which directly the curls are going to lay

  • You can cheat by only doing the top of your hair when your in a hurry

  • It's a quick way to have a fun, youthful look

#3 Get a Good Round Brush

  • It will give you back youthful buoyancy

  • Boars bristles with ceramic inside

  • Use this brush when blow drying

As we continue our health and fitness journey, let us not forget it is just that - a journey. Not a destination. We want to enjoy life and be happy. Be confidence in who you are now and don't be shy to sprinkle a little razzle dazzle along the way!


Ashton Porter / Facebook or Instagram

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