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Angela's 60 pound Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

I grew up with a healthy body image and a healthy body in general. I had six children in my twenties and always lost the baby weight with no specific effort. I did not know how good I had it!

I had my next two children before I was 35. It was then I really started struggling to lose weight and even kept gaining. I became frustrated as I tried so many fad diets. I got to a weight I felt compelled to try the popular HCG diet. I was able to get back to a weight I was happy with.

Unfortunately, extreme diets are great for taking off weight quickly, but almost impossible to maintain.

I had my ninth baby when I was 38 and a year later was battling some health issues. I had to take high doses of steroids for 3 months and in that time gained over 45 pounds. I had never seen that number on the scale before, even at the end of a pregnancy. It was disheartening.

I desperately tried the HCG diet again and lost some weight. But not as much as I would have liked, or as much as I needed to lose. I noticed my body did not tolerate the low-calorie restrictions the same way as before. Then I found out I was expecting twins!

When the twins turned one was the first time I decided I needed to make some lasting healthy habits for myself. I changed some eating habits and started walking on a treadmill. I soon found myself at a weight that felt comfortable enough. But of course, life happens, so I struggled at maintaining my weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. I tried a few other restrictive diets and would lose only to regain. The more I Yō Yō dieted, the more difficult it became to lose weight.

Frustrated, I decided it was time to find help.

I did not want help from a crash diet center or another fad. I wanted someone to teach me how to eat and how to exercise the right way. That search led me to Pro Push Fitness.

I started with group fitness to learn more about strength training. I was surprised to find that I really enjoy that form of exercise.

I loved the people in the groups and all the trainers are amazing at guiding you to the next level.

Chase is an exceptional strength training coach in personal and group settings!

But realizing I was there to learn about my body’s needs, I switch over to a personal training program. I loved it! It was a unique experience to have every workout specific to my body and my needs. Especially when adjustments were made according to the results I am wanting.

I have learned so much from the Owner, Trainer and Nutritionist, Kristina. She helped me see the whole picture between balancing food and energy. I learned how to eat – and in ways that did not feel restrictive. I no longer felt hungry. I learned strategies that are maintainable – even with a large family.

And I learned consistency is key. But the right consistency. I learned to consistently love myself and believe I am worth healthy food and a capable body.

After working together, she suspected I may have some hormonal imbalances. She helped me know how to talk with my doctor. It was then I discover the serious hormonal issues I was facing. I am so thankful I had a fitness professional take an interest and initiate to encourage me to seek medical help.

My health has improved drastically - physically, mentally, and emotionally. All the mentoring and work has paid off. All my pieces fit together! I am in such a good place.

I am down 60 pounds and counting!!

But I have not been perfect while working with Pro Push Fitness.

I have lost and regained a few times as I have learned to care for my body. The team at Pro Push are the best motivators and helped me to never give up, and to not take short cuts! I am capable!

I have never felt judged along my path of learning. I have always felt supported and cared about individually.

I think the three most important things I learned is first, the number on the scale is only one piece of the picture of my health. Secondly, I am strong and capable, rather than just “skinny.”

And most importantly, I want to be a healthy wife and mom. I want to be a healthy grandma to my sweet grandsons.

Thank you, Pro Push, for teaching me, being patient with me, and giving me the resources to have the health I need for the life I want.

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