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Tracy Has Lost 107 Pounds: Her Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Continues

Updated: Jan 17

San Tan Hiking Trail

Last month I sent Tracy a questionnaire to help write an update on her fitness progress. As I read through her answers, my heart filled with so much happiness.

I cannot begin to describe the changes I see in her strength and confidence. The mindset she once carried is long forgotten. She is ready to take care of herself, after spending a lifetime of only caring for others.

Her words here, combined with receiving pictures of weekend hikes and long cycle classes all year - has truly made every minute of every day working with her - worth it.

I love you Tracy. I never doubted you could do it. I never stopped believing in you. If there is anyone on the earth who deserves someone to stand and fight for them - it is you.

I think the Pro Push audience will enjoy hearing directly from Tracy. So without any further delay - Enjoy!

Wave Caves

What are three physical things you did differently this year that helped you?

1.      I have added spinning class for cardio 3 days a week.

2.      I have started hiking with friends and family on the weekends.

3.      I have set 10k steps a day goal.

4.      And a BIG one - I stopped missing strength training workouts 3 days a week!

I guess that is four. I never thought I would say this - but I love how active my life has become. I am genuinely enjoying my life. I have plans on my calendar for fun activities I can participate in.

Zion's National Park

Why did you decide to collaborate with a personal trainer / nutritionist?

I need to be held accountable. And what I mean by that - I need someone who will be honest and tell me the hard things.

Especially the stuff I might not want to hear, like I missed too many workouts, or I was on a plateau because I was not working on my program. All while encouraging me and cheering me every step of the way.

Why did you choose Pro Push Fitness?

Most people know that Kristina, the Owner of Pro Push, is my sister. We are close and I do trust her. But honestly, there is more to it than that.

I like the smaller gym environment and the type of people who train there. It is more personable, and everyone is positive. It makes working out fun and actually even uplifting.

How does Pro Push help you reach your goals?

Every trainer listens to me and really understands what my needs are. They know when to push me harder than I'm pushing myself. And, they give that little push in a positive way - to keep me going.

An important way they helped is they know how to break through plateaus. I've come to understand that it happens to everyone. It's normal. The trainers here are not guessing about what might work, they know what will work!! The more I trust and follow the plan, the faster my results come.

Pine, AZ

Did you utilize the Pro Push Nutrition program? If yes, how did it help you?

Yes, it helps me not only hit my weight loss goals but also how to eat properly. I now know how to feed my body the correct way.

I have experienced first-hand that eating the right amount of food is necessary for optimal health.

And what those foods are, are not a punishment, but the source to my energy, health, and living.

Did you or do you have medical issues, injuries, or chronic conditions that Pro Push helped you navigate? How?

Receiving a full hysterotomy in my late 20's truly wreaked havoc on my overall health and sense of wellness.

At minimum, my hormones were not balanced. But I also had blood sugar issues, thyroid concerns and even a battle with cancer.

Pro Push helped me understand these medical issues were what was causing weight gain and hindering me from weight loss.

They believed me when I said I was following my plan and was not getting results. They did not stereotype me like many had before.

They referred me to an excellent doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Once my hormones balanced and my thyroid managed, I finally started to see results.

I also had cancer removed from one of my legs several years ago, leaving permanent nerve damage. They know how to adjust my exercises to accommodate pain issues. But they also know how to provide strengthening rehabilitation. This continues to help my legs become stronger.

Do you utilize Pro Push stretch and cupping services? If so, would you recommend it and why?

Yes! I utilize cupping and it has been a game changer for my post cancer therapy. Chase targets the area where the cancer was removed, stimulating circulation of the lymphatic system. It helps the nerve endings in my leg, so my leg does not swell as badly and has reduced pain significantly.

What would you say to someone who feels they are too busy to exercise or meal prep?

We all have busy lives but if we are honest with ourselves - we also waste a lot of time. I was one of those who felt I did not have enough time to meal prep or exercise. I was too tired.

I have honestly found it does not take that much time to get in some exercise or prepare a meal. You may have to give up something but for me it was worth it, and I do not regret it.

And oddly, I have noticed the more I exercise and eat right - I am no longer "too tired". Part of the problem with my chronic fatigue was I needed to move more. So just do it!

Tracy's 1st Time Gold Mine Trail!

What are three things you do differently with nutrition that helps you?

1.      I started keeping a food journal and an honest one. I recorded everything that went in my mouth, and I still do. It is an extremely helpful tool to know for sure what you are eating.

2.      I shifted my mindset to "eat with purpose". I stopped letting events in my life (good or bad) dictate what I was eating.

3.      I followed Pro Push meal plans 100% and did not stop when it was hard, inconvenient, or boring. I just stuck with it.

If you were talking to a friend or family member, what would you want them to know about exercise and nutrition?

How effing great it feels to take control of your life!! Self-confidence comes back and the overall difference it makes is well worth any struggle! Absolutely. 100%

What would you tell someone who has been trying to reach fitness goals for a while without success?

Be honest with yourself!! Make sure you are working the plan 100%

  • If you are, then have patience and talk to your trainer about a plateau. If it is not a plateau, continue to push forward, it will come.

  • If you are not really following your program - then stop lying to yourself. You are only hurting you! Get in gear and you will meet all your goals and be happy you did!!

What are the habits you have incorporated that help you the most? How?

  • Daily Exercise is necessary and a gift! This is not optional. We need to move our body for mental and physical health.

  • Counting my macros every day. How can I know something for sure, if I do not know for sure? I track my food to make sure I eat enough. To make sure to fuel my body the right way.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling to get started?

Just do it! Tomorrow is going to come whether you start or not. So, now is the time for setting goals and keeping them.

You will feel much better at the end of each day knowing you worked towards something - rather than staying stagnant. You can do this. You can.

What are your new goals going into this next year of your life?

I am focused on fine tuning my program. I will stick with the good habits I have developed and also implement any new modalities that may improve my health.

I want to get and stay healthy. I want to clean my body from the inside out and take care of her better than I ever have before.

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