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10 Hacks to Meet Your Protein Goals

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The number one nutrition struggle my clients have is eating enough protein everyday.

As a former pescatarian, I can relate to this. While I still don't prefer a lot of meat, I most definitely respect what it has helped my body do.

Aside from working as a personal trainer and nutritionist, I have a personal testimony about the importance of protein. My physique changed dramatically once I put an emphasis on protein. Specifically, making sure I got enough of complete proteins every day for my goals and activity level.

Protein truly is essential, every single day, and has a direct impact on health and fitness.

A few nonnegotiable facts about protein are;

  • Our bodies don't make complete proteins by itself. We have to eat the right combinations to have a complete protein, or amino acids. Out of the 20 amino acids that make up a protein, 9 of them are classified as essential - meaning we have to eat them to get them.

  • Protein is responsible for all cell repair in your body - not just muscle. Hair, skin, lungs, heart, kidneys, fingernails, bones, ligaments and so on. Protein is also responsible for some production of hormones.

  • Animal protein is the easiest way to do get the 9 essential amino acids.

  • You can get complete proteins through vegetable combinations. But it can be tricky and you have to get the right combination of vegetables at every meal for proper nutrition.

  • Actual food is always better than supplements. So "food first" mindset, then add your supplements to make up the difference in your daily needs.

  • Dairy products are a complete protein.

Hack 1

Total Fage 0% Plain Yogurt

1 scoop protein (sometimes I do 2 scoops if I'm short on my protein count)

1/2 cup fresh fruit

*You can freeze for like 5 min or eat as is *I put a tablespoon of flaxseed in also for some crunch

Nutrition Facts: 38g Protein minimum.

Could increase depending on how many scoops of powder and how many grams your powder has.

Hack 2

Orgain Protein Premade shakes or other comparable with clean ingredients and low carbs. I like Orgain because they have a plant based option, which I need because I am lactose intolerant. But they also have whey based.

But, any brand is fine and whey is better converted than plant based for building muscle. You also want to pay attention to carbs with this option.

Nutrition Facts: 21g Protein

Could increase depending on your brand

Hack 3

Egg whites with 1 Cup fresh spinach / 1 oz mozzarella cheese. You adjust the serving size to your macro needs.

Nutrition Facts: 22.6g Protein

6 tbsp / 21.6g Protein - 1g Protein Spinach

Hack 4

Have ground turkey, sliced steak, grilled chicken, or other lean protein always cooked up and in Tupperware in your fridge. You can add it to about anything.

Nutrition Facts: Varies

Depending on choice of protein. Red meat can have higher proteins, but also higher in fats. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns. If you do not have any health concerns, we recommend 2 servings of lean red meat each week.

Hack 5

Hormel Canned Chili (without beans). This has a surprisingly high protein count and very convenient.

Nutrition Facts: 15g per cup

Hack 6

Pasta noodles high in protein like BANZA or VEGGIECRAFT

Hack 7

Vegetables high in protein.

If you are eating animal meat with your meal, this is just a way to increase your overall protein intake for the day.

If this is your only protein source for ethical or dietary preference, make sure you have the right combinations.

Nutrition Facts: Varies

Depending on choice of protein

Hack 8

You can cook frozen salmon or other fish in your air fryer. It goes from frozen to cooked in about 10 - 12 min. Cool time will vary depending on size of food and your fryers settings.

Nutrition Facts: Salmon Atlantic Raw 28.3g

Depending on choice of protein and serving size

Hack 9

Use Fage Total Plain Yogurt or other Greek yogurts, instead of sour cream.

Nutrition Facts: 18g per cup

Hack 10

Peptide / collagen / BCAA - natural supplements made for drinking can really help you hit your goals.

But keep in mind your nonnegotiable. Food is better than supplements, so try to get it there first.

Nutrition Facts: Varies

Depending on choice of protein supplement

For more nutrition tips check back regularly for more blogs or contact us to work with a Nutritionist today.

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