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Kristina has more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry.  In addition to being the proud Owner of the Pro Push Fitness gym, she is an ELITE Trainer through the International Sports Science Association, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Strength & Conditioning, and Specialized Exercise Therapist.


Along with these impressive accomplishments - she has studied Disease and the Body, DNA Physical Fitness, Kinesiology and Body Mechanics. She is currently studying to become a Master Trainer as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Her portfolio speaks for itself with hundreds of individuals of all ages & gender, successfully gaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

HER EXPERTISE: Weight Loss, Nutrition, Strength Training, Percentage Training, HIIT, Cross training for Endurance Athletes, Endurance Training, Bodybuilding, Sculpting, Toning & Lifting, Functional and mobile rehabilitation training




Chase is an experienced NPC Coach & Competitor. He is Certified as a Fitness Trainer through the prestigious International Sports Science Association and a Certified Stretch Therapist through ACE and NASM. He's also serves as the Heavy Weight Coach for Casteel High School Wrestling Team.  His attention to detail sets him apart in this industry. He meticulously develops each client's program, then works with them one on one to guide them to success.


His wide variety of clients include athletes for Sports Specific Training & for many different sports. Uniquely, we have wrestling mats in our Gilbert gym. Chase works with individuals hands on with live mat time, to improve their technical wrestling skill level.

HIS EXPERTISE: Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Stretch & Recovery, Wrestling Technique & Skill, Strength & Conditioning, Endurance Training, Weight Loss




Kaitlyn is an experienced and Certified Fitness Trainer through the prestigious International Sports Science Association.  While she's known to heat things up in the gym, her passion is helping her clients achieve a total transformation of body, mind and soul. She's learned that self esteem can be cultivated through loving yourself enough to take care of your body. Her program is aimed to help others find the same balanced and  healthy lifestyle. As a newly wed, she and her husband are full time college students. Kaitlyn is studying to become a Registered Dietician at Utah Valley University. She works with clients one on one in a gym near Provo, Utah, as well as online personal training sessions. 

HER EXPERTISE: Nutrition, HIIT, Strength Training, Endurance Training, Weight Loss, Mobility and Functional Training