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Free Motivation, Exercise & Nutrition Clinics

These clinics are not live, but are monitored daily by Pro Push Fitness.

Participate at your own pace, ask questions, send messages to administrators - we are here to help you.

Any assessment is confidential and only seen by your host for coaching purposes.

Balance: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Check out this free online clinic to learn helpful strategies in responding to everyday stress and anxiety that derail our fitness routines and overall confidence.

Four areas we will focus are:
1) On the go Meditation / Relaxation techniques
2) Sleep / Recovery routines
3) Self Care
4) Relieving situational stress ~ Work / Home / Relationships

We will share material from leading experts around. Also, participate in our forum discussions, and private personal assessments on what may work for you.


Exercise is Medicine

Prevent illness and heal your body through exercise.

Imagine a world in which doctors, personal trainers, physical therapists, nutritionist, dieticians, and occupational therapists came together to unite their expertise under one roof.


The impact on our health would be extraordinary. 


The future of healthcare is turning towards preventative and holistic care. Exercise and nutrition are the foundation of both. Thankfully, experts around the world are sharing data, activating, and educating.


Here, we focus on how exercise is medicine and why we need to implement it right away to improve our mental, chemical, and physical health. And the best part - it is free. The cornerstone to health is free.


Mindset Clinic

Embrace the Power of Your Mindset

Learn the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and this  effects your ability to consistent stick to a fitness plan.


Top experts share techniques to promote a growth mindset and overcome mental plateaus.

We have coached thousands of people with these techniques. Regardless of age, gender, or individual goals  - They work. 


This liberating information inspires confidence to achieve personal goals and can be used in every area of life including careers, education, and relationships.

Nutrition 101

Breaking down macros and metabolism

Learn how eating is the start of the metabolic process.

Yep! Your metabolism is the process of breaking down, using, and storing food.


So, what do you think happens when you eat to little? Your metabolism slows down. Hint, it's not much better than eating to much. Especially when you are trying to lose body fat, get fit, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  Learn macros and micros from experts and why they are not a "diet". But rather, all the fad diets are just a manipulations of macros.

Learn the nutrition needs for YOUR specific body composition, body type, age, gender, fitness and activity level.


Holistic Healing & Injuries

Learn the top 5 therapies to improve mobility, increase range of motion, decrease pain and tightness. 

and so much more


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